Our Services


We always promise to produce better and more feasible designs to suit your style, because it is always our philosophy to bring you the best and high quality products.

Interior Design

Improve the effectiveness, accessibility, functionality and aesthetic appeal of an environment in a way that ensures the safe and optimal occupation and use of the interior space. We will consider the intended function of a space to curate an environment that is fit for purpose, as well as understand how an interior design scheme can positively impact the end-user.

General Contractor

A general contractor is responsible for seeing a construction project through from beginning to end, but what exactly does that entail? Essentially, a general contractor acts as a go-between between the property’s owner and everyone who brings the building to life, including materials suppliers, vendors, and tradespeople.

Built In Furniture

Built-ins are any items that do not leave the property but remain a part of the permanent structure of a home. This includes any type of permanent appliances, cabinetry, furniture that’s built into the home, such as shelving or benches, and other attached items.

How We work

We develop with the client’s needs, priorities and personal style of the project design. Create concept boards and sketches, floor and furniture plan to communicate the project vision.


A Friendly Conversation

The first step is a conversation in-store, virtually or in your home, where we will get to know your tastes, initial thoughts and lifestyle needs.


Designing Your Space

Together we will create your design, often in combination with your existing furniture. It can be a single design optimization or a full home design - it's entirely up to you.


From Vision To Reality

Your design will fit your budget and lifestyle, while reflecting your unique personality. Once you are 100% satisfied, we will bring it to life with as much help as you need.